Sharing Art


We invite artists through an Artist Call.

Our first physical Museum of Human Kindness exhibition to be held in Norwich, UK in November 2019 has closed. We look forward to selecting the artists and will open a new call for the next museum show.

The digital Museum of Human Kindness is always looking for artists to contribute their response to the stories we have collected. If you have a creative practice and are interested in creating a new work in response to stories that have yet been ‘adopted’, we look forward to hearing from you!

Simply email us with your interest ?

Terms and Conditions


We want to build a museum that is positive and inclusive. So, we do have some basic ground rules for contributing stories and art.

We reserve the right not to exhibit or publish artwork or artist statements which is deemed offensive or discriminatory on personal, sexual, racial, religious, national or ethnic grounds.

We reserve the right to edit (e.g. crop, straighten, colour adjust and possibly overlay text) and publish images of the artwork for digital and printed outputs. The artist will be credited.

Accepted artwork and statement will be published on our digital and print platforms. We will include your name, artist statement, preferred URLs and image of your artwork when presenting your work.


How do I submit my art inspired by a kindness story?

Currently, we hold an open call for artist. This helps us develop and host both virtual and physical exhibitions in a timely way.

You can contribute in two ways:
Choose a story from our website that you connect with and submit an art work proposal for:
A) the virtual (web-based) exhibition only
B) or the (web-based) virtual and the physical exhibition.

How do I apply?

The application form will be made available during our open call period. 

Currently, there is a call open for our Norwich 2019 exhibition. Please see above for details.

Will I retain ownership of my art?

You will own your work. We would like you to provide a professional (or equivalent) quality, high-resolution image of your work and your consent for us to use the image(s) for non-commercial public dissemination, outreach and promotion purposes.

How will my work be credited?

Your name, web-link(s) and a brief artist statement on how the story inspired you and how you interpreted the story will be showcased together with your work.

What restrictions do you have?

We reserve the right to not exhibit or publish artwork or related materials which are deemed offensive or discriminatory on personal, sexual, racial, religious, national or ethnic grounds.

We reserve the right to edit (crop, adjust, overlay text, etc.) and publish images of the artwork for non-commercial digital and printed outputs.

Is there an artist fee?

The short answer is that we’re working on it. We are continuing our fund raising work in order to offer a modest artist fee for artists taking part in our physical exhibition.

We are a small group of individuals keen to develop the notion of spreading kindness through art. We do this by securing grants and running crowdfunding campaigns.

We are also artists and know what it feels like to not be finanicially recognised for our contribution. We want to make this work for everyone, especially you, while we grow as a museum.

So first, there is no application fee.

Second, for artists invited to contribute to both the virtual and physical exhibitions, we aim to provide a very modest artist fee. This will be provided at the end of the exhibition.

For artists interested in the virtual (web-based) exhibition only, unfortunately, we currently do not have the funding to provide an artist fee.

Will I get my work back after the physical exhibition?

Yes. Please collect your work at the end of the exhibition.

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