Boat rescue 1

On a holiday cruiser, we were moored up in front of a lock while babysitting our youngest son. My wife was returning from shopping for supplies with our son number one and daughter. Number one decided to jump on to boat. Mum shouted to stop him, but it was too late. Within seconds, he was under the boat in the loch ‘race’–very UGLY swirling water. I jumped in fully clothed and wearing boots! As a Sub-Aqua diver, I was able to feel my way under the boat and caught a leg just before he was sucked into the torrent. I got him to the dock side, but I was still underwater and being pulled down by the waterlogged boots.

I only had enough strength to keep his head above the water. A saviour grabbed him and saved us both, then left the scene.

We were never able to thank him. Some heavenly forces were with us that day.

Great Yarmouth, UK

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