I got on the underground at London Liverpool Street station back in May. By the time I reached Holborn station, I realised that my wallet has disappeared. I looked everywhere. All my pockets and around my seat. I even asked people sitting next to me to lift up their bums in case my wallet has slipped out and sat beneath them. Nothing. I’ve been pick pocketed! I was so depressed as it had all my cards and all.

Well, I checked my Facebook yesterday (mid-December) – which I do once every few months only – and I found a message from a person I’ve never heard of sent on May 9 saying he found my wallet. I texted him and he replied that he still has it and I can pick it up from him tomorrow at his office in Holborn. Isn’t that amazing?

London, UK


Artist’s response

I was drawn to this story as I felt that the narrative was very strong. I work with language within my art practice and felt that this sort held some very emotive wording. I wanted to play with editing the text down to far fewer words but leave enough so that the narrative remained. Stories tend to be linear and as I was reading the story, I made the connection between this line and the line of the tube journey. I took this thought with me when interpreting the story, wanting to plot the chosen words along a replica of the central line referenced in the story.



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