Embarrassment on the Tube

I was working at Glaxo Laboratories in Middlesex and had to travel by tube train from Uxbridge to Sudbury Hill every day. My husband Steve was away in the RAF and I was pregnant and had morning sickness – morning, noon and night. On the tube train there were a lot of businessmen going to work in the City. All in suits and carrying The Times.

Two stops from Sudbury Hill, I felt violently ill and was actually sick on the floor of the carriage. I managed to avoid the man sitting next to me but the chap opposite ended up with vomit on his trousers and shoes. He took me off the train, put me in a taxi, paid the driver and brought me some water. He was so kind. He never said a word about his suit and I never saw him again but I will never forget him.

Great Yarmouth, UK

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