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Norwich 2019 Exihibition

Coverage of the inaugural Norwich exhibition in the local and national press.

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On the Radio

BBC Radio Coverage of the Norwich 2019 Exhibition

Listen to Kazz talk about the launch of the Museum of Human Kindness on BBC Radio Norfolk with Chris Goreham (12 November, 2019) and Sam Day (14 November). The Museum also featured on various other BBC radio shows around the country:

BBC Radio 5 (16 November on Drive)

BBC Radio 6 (14 November on Steve Lamacq’s National Anthem)

BBC Radio Leicester (28 November with Jo Hayward)

BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester (28 November with Malcom Boyden)

BBC Radio Sheffield (28 November with Paulette Edwards)

BBC Radio Cumbria (28 November with Caroline Robertson)

BBC Radio York (28 November with Jonathan Cowap)

BBC Radio Northampton (28 November with Wayne Bavin)

BBC Radio Leeds (28 November and 1 December)

BBC Radio Norfolk (28 November with Matthew Gudgin)

BBC Radio Sommerset (11 December)