Long bus home

I grew up in Glasgow and once when I was a teenager, a friend and I missed our last bus home after a party where we didn’t really known many people.

We left and it was in a more dangerous part of town–it was over an hour’s walk to get to anywhere else we knew where we could get a bus, but we didn’t know what direction to go and were getting very worried. We had no phones (as it was pre-smartphone times!) and no cash for a taxi. We had only our useless bus passes.

Then a dark bus went past and stopped. The bus driver was off duty and going back to the depot but was worried about us. He told us to hide in the dark bus as he wasn’t meant to have passengers and gave us a lift to somewhere safe where we could catch a night bus.

I still remember how he helped us in such a matter of fact Glaswegian way. What a legend!

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