The neighbour who wasn’t

I live on my own and had my neighbour come over to help me move a bit of soil in the garden on a wheel barrel. When I lifted the wheel barrel, I lost my balance and fell, scraping my arm badly along the house wall on the way down. Next thing I know, I was in great pain and my arm was bleeding. I couldn’t get up on my own. I asked my neighbour to help me up, but she said she can’t. She has blood-phobia! While I’m laying on the ground in pain, she continues to say she can’t help. So I asked if she could at least go out and look for our other neighbour, Nick, who’s a younger man in his 40s.

She left the house and came back with a different young man. He helped me up and I felt terrible that he’s now covered in blood too. I asked if he was Nick’s nephew or relation. He asked ,‘who’s Nick?’ Turns out my neighbour just fetched a random man on the street!

He left soon after. I was so flustered by the whole ordeal that I didn’t get his name or even remembered his face. So if I see him again in the street, I don’t think I’ll be able to recognise him to thank him properly. I feel terrible!

Miriam O.
Norfolk, UK

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