A windy day

It was a very windy day. I parked my car outside of the Forum to unload my carefully packed kits of felt I made for the art market that day. A gust of wind took them up out of my hands and scattered them all over the Norwich market.

A lady saw and rushed over to help. Later that morning, she came to my table at the Forum. She said she had spent all morning searching for any more missing felt kits. She found two!

Norwich, UK


Artist’s response

I was struck by how a complete stranger not only rushed to help but then went on to spend even more time searching for the missing kits. In a world were we’re often rushing around with our own To do list, the fact that somebody put that aside to help another, I found deeply moving.

Claire Atherton is an abstract artist and freelance creative practitioner who is passionate about the environment, particularly the stunning Norfolk coastline. Her aim through her creative practice and facilitation is to create a sense of place for people to enable them to take pride in where they choose to call home.


I’m an Abstract Artist & Freelance Creative Practitioner, so no 2 days are ever the same!! In my artistic practice I play with paint to create abstract artworks and also experiment with clay to produce ceramic sculptures.

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