About the Museum

The Museum of Human Kindness is an art project where stories of kindness are made into works of art. It is a creative community building project that asks, ‘can art and stories make us a kinder society?’

The museum invites you to share your stories of kindness that you received, particularly from strangers or people you barely know.

A selected group of artists will be invited to create works inspired by these stories. The stories and the inspired artworks will be exhibited online on this website and in real ‘Museum’ exhibitions.

The project is motivated by our desire to counter the growing prevalence of polarising narratives seen in everyday media. Yet, for most of us, that is not our everyday experience: interactions not only with family and friends but also with strangers are characterized by goodwill, civility, and acts of kindness. The museum attempts to highlight these acts—small and large—and emphasise the common humanity that binds us together.

Our aim is to create a reflective space for discussions on kindness as a universal virtue of mankind. We want to create a museum where intangible acts of kindness are turned into tangible experiences for all visitors.

The Museum was conceived in 2018 and we are currently collecting stories and creating art works for the first pop-up exhibition in late 2019.

Become part of this project by telling us your kindness story here!