Mr Gooddude

I work hard, but as an artist, I don’t have much money. In fact, I was far short of cash to get 15-20 copies of my art book professionally bound. I only had money to pay for five copies, which I printed at the art university’s subsidized copy machine, which I then had to glue and bind myself. Feeling a bit defeated, I posted a video of me glue binding the spine on Instagram.

I get a message from someone I don’t know asking what size the book was meant to be. I replied. And then the same gent messaged me back saying he works in a printing and photography shop and ‘if ever there was a worthwhile reason to do a bit of printing for someone, this is probably it!’. Wow!

After a few correspondences, he sent eleven sets of the printed pages, perfectly cut to size and wrapped. I never expected someone whom I have never met on Instagram to come to the rescue with such generosity, speed and kindness.

The art book is about my journey of experiencing my brother’s sudden death, his organ donation and meeting and then losing his heart recipient five years later. Thanks to him printing the extra copies, I’m able to give copies to my friends and family who were and continues to be part of my brother’s life.

Norwich, UK

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